Woof Woof! 💩

Yes, we love dogs. Unfortunately we aren’t so keen on what they can leave behind. The green and open spaces around the Fair Street Estate are currently being developed as fun, accessible community spaces and we have hosted a number of outdoor classrooms in them. Having to clear up the dog mess is not the […]

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Welcome to the Bug Hotel

All at Avant-Gardening were delighted that the new bug hotel was recently installed in the Dream Garden pocket park. The bug hotel was visioned through a series of workshops and activities on the site before being designed and built by Thomas Cretton. Pupils from Snowsfields and Tower Bridge Primary Schools created individual rooms for the […]

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Goodbye, winter.

As we enter British Summer Time it is worth having a look back at the winter months in the Dream Garden. Although it has been a chilly few months we were still visited by the Snowsfields and Tower Bridge Primary Schools who helped us to plan and design the development of the garden space. The […]

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Changes to summer activities

So far this summer we have heard a lot of great ideas of how the green spaces around Fair Street can be improved to make them more appealing and more user-friendly for residents.  We are collating these ideas and will present them on this blog shortly. At this point we have taken the decision to […]

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